Thursday, 29 December 2011

Lead a better deal!

Businesses today have become very broad in their application and their behavioral approaches. What earlier used to get closed just by a meeting or simply talking is now a deal of obscurity and eyed on by number of close rivals and challenged by dynamic business situations.

This is pervasive to the environmental and social protocols and businesses are nowhere remote to that.

What makes you different in comparison with others is not only a better product or striking communication but that ‘extra touch’ and bonding with your clients which makes them remember you for long and keep you at the top of their preference lists.

Gifts are the best way to obtain that extra edge. The concept of corporate gifts is not new but the definitions certainly are. They are much improvised now with new range of British gifts that fits every business factor convincingly. an all-inclusive gift shop can be your best friend in helping you out if you want to know more in detail about innovative corporate and promotional gifts.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Best of British


pimages/BATCH 1.jpgWhen we think of one British music band that swept the nation and will remain one of the best all time bands in history there is only one name that pops up, The Beatles. Not only were they successful in the UK but also worldwide.  Here at Collage Gifts we understand that people who come and visit Britain understand the importance of the Beatles to the nation’s identity. We have the best memorabilia and the perfect British gifts. Make your visit to London memorable and take a bit of the Beatles back with you. We have the following available in the Beatles collection;

pimages/MUG3.jpgBeatles ball pen
Tin totes
T towels
Timeless tins

As you can see we have vast variety of products available both in our London gift shop or to purchase online. Please note we offer free delivery in Zones 1 and 2. And any of our products are at reduced prices only for a short while. 

Monday, 5 December 2011

Remember your stay at London this Christmas

Christmas is the time of year many come to visit London with snow showers expected, the Christmas markets in full swing, the streets lit up with Christmas lights there is so much to see in London this time of year. Here at Collage Gifts we pride ourselves in selling the best souvenirs in London so you can take as memorabilia. 

We sell the best of British both in our store and online. All things associated with London can be found at Collage Gifts.We are the biggest importers and wholesalers of London souvenirs and have the largest range of products in the region

We have a vast range of products online so do visit our online store which offers free shipping to certain areas within London. Whether you are looking for London T-shirts union jack gifts even digital cameras to ensure you can capture your every moment in London we have everything you need.

We also sell a range of printed mugs and personalised mugs. Visit our website to view our full collection